Taking Metals Online | Metalpress Podcast Ep. 1

Greg Raece and Michelle Edwards-Lanham kickoff Episode 1 of the Metalpress Podcast focusing on the rapidly evolving metals industry and taking metals online.

MIG Welding For Beginners

What makes MIG welding an appropriate process for beginners? It is considered the easiest welding process one can master. Learn more about the tools and get started today!

Holiday Hours for Online Metals

It’s that time of the year to discuss Holiday Hours at Online Metals! We’re taking a little time off to be with our families, but we’re still here for you!

The Benefits of Online Metals!

With thousands of shapes and alloys with different requirements, the journey to understanding the properties of metal is as continuous as it is rewarding! See how Online Metals is here to help!

The Protobox Giveaway

Are you a master of metal fashion? Do you make wearable metal art? Now is your chance to showcase your creation in a battle of timeless metal style. Submit a photo or video of your latest finished product and/or your in-process machining videos for a chance to win store credit and assorted prizes.

We’ve Upgraded Your Mobile Experience

Now with faster speeds and touchscreen optimized browsing tools, our re-engineered mobile site will allow you to quickly search, learn, change up, and zero in to purchase your materials in a flash!

In this article, we’ve outlined four new key functionalities that will vastly improve your mobile shopping experience and allow you to dive in with ease.

Start Metalworking Today with 15 Beginner Videos

We understand back-to-school looks a little different this year, so we want to do our best to help you fulfill your dreams and to continue inspiring makers and fabricators around the world. Our team has compiled a masterclass YouTube playlist, Online Metals Maker Academy, to help you expand your metalworking skill set and take on new challenges. Learn metalworking through videos from experts around the globe and get started today!

Weldability of Copper and It’s Alloys

The first step to success is familiarizing yourself with the various alloys, their properties, and the considerations in choosing filler metal for each…

Weldability of Aluminum Alloys

The first step to successful aluminum welding is to familiarize yourself with the various aluminum alloys…

6061 vs 7075 Aluminum

When it comes to the differences between 6061 and 7075 aluminum, the differences aren’t visible at first glance.